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Jealousy of the Divine Feminine, and Soul Transference in Human Trafficking: Spain p.1 of 2 Jealousy

“Half the work that is done in this world is to make things appear what they are not.”

Rev. Elias R. Beadle (1812-1879)

A21 is a powerhouse in the realm of restore and rescue mission-driven campaigns who advocate against modern day slavery and human trafficking. The Walk for Freedom event has taken place on Saturday, October 19th, 2019; granted, it is an annual event to raise the proper funds to keep A21’s operation running at its most optimal levels.

Being registered and walking together with those who also find the time and energy to be active participants towards this cause, essentially, is a response to the many voices that have been quietly praying for liberation. Setting intentions to let it be known that their voices and

petitions have been recognized, perpetuates action towards taking every and any step-by-step necessary, to restore an insurmountable degree of sanity and ease to several laudable souls - Souls from all over this world.

Chiefly, this blog is focused on the souls of the Spanish bloodline. With this in mind, for those who are Interested in extending their generosity in this human upliftment endeavor, simply, click on this Walk for Freedom banner displayed here for more instructions.

Now, with no further ado, please read on to journey forth into territories sensibly surveyed, as a result of traveling along A21 Avenue.

Pure bred Spaniard innocence radiates high levels of happiness, highly coveted by other creatures who seek fountain of youth effects to their ener-genetic makeup. The Spanish woman-child is the seed of feminine divinity. She is the reason why ‘breasts’ are notoriously glorified. Femininity of divine design, organically, it is inclined to glamorize its growth into unsurpassable magnificence which becomes her, especially fueled by red hot Latin blood cells.

Distinct genetics have forever been universally and spiritually considered the best qualified stewards of the unique process of procreation,

as we have come to know it to be. For those of us conscious and educated about our reproductive system; its purpose and responsibilities are matters of interest. Enemy forces have a lifelong love-hate relationship with the divine feminine, and knowing he can find generous amounts of her essence embodied in the innocence of Spanish little girls, and sometimes their boys… The order of the opposition covets her signature authority.

Pleasure is taken in forcing humility upon her, raping;

making jest of her bosom, while secretly harboring disgraceful measures of murderous jealousy, intermingled with humility in mere presence of her. Even in her likeness, the fallen’s false sense of security is left vulnerable every time the liars of Satan’s legion cower in reaction when the Divine Mother lets her presence be known. Her imminence shames him, by sheer association, alone; as long as She, lives - our Holy Mother, full of Grace. She is the legislator, judge AND jury of the very estate recognized by all of creation, as the inheritance of THE most valuable legacy known to any of them.

Privilege is like a perfume in Heaven. It smells so heavenly; use wisely, so as not to attract predators. The Spanish essence is like this and therefore tends to be an easy target, with or without the flesh. They are heavily preyed on by those who cannot help but to follow in the way of the darkness. For these reasons the salvation of the Spanish is top priority.

All things considered, in the near future, watch for the continuation of A21 Avenue's blog on Spain; because there is so much more to explore: Spain p. 2 of 2 Soul Transference.

Here is where The Intuitive Abolitionist will uncover the methods of abduction taking place in Spain and how it ties into the dynamic frontiers of soul transference, in our world today.

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