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Reality's Unique Gifts


Established in 2016, Reality's Unique Gifts is a subsidiary of the spiritually based brand: RealityOriginals. The RealityOriginals brand was founded by intuitive consultant, artist, and master creative Maria L. Martinez, who currently hails from  North Carolina, USA.

Reality's Unique Gifts is a business whose approach is to provide its patrons with one-of-a-kind universal gifts and services. Every effort is made to maintain an attitude where wellness, determination, and a joy for life is at the forefront of this business' every endeavor. Knitted apparel which resonates with the energy body by way of crystals; beautiful custom made accessories, plus other gifting items, such as sessions of intuitive reflections, can be found here.  All gifts are the original works of the artists/designer. 

With Reality's Unique Gifts, funds are being raised so that a portion of all proceeds will go towards several causes that we find dear to our hearts. Currently these will be: Literacy programs such as Proliteracy America, Fayetteville Urban Ministry ( and most importantly, abolishing modern-day slavery and human trafficking via her A21 campaign (  Reality's Unique Gifts looks to promote the well-being of families who give back to the community, and the world at large.

Our patrons are those who seek originality, and see its value because they themselves are original and know their patronage is valued here.

Thank you, everyone, in advance! May we all continue to flourish in our Love & Faith

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