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A three card Intuitive Consultation is a simple way to gain clarity into nagging questions that may linger in the back of your mind.  Here, we'll sort out the basics of your current state of affairs.  

3D Face Parts

The Empath's way is to take their time with those who seek out their services. The connection is more than just business.  It is a connection of compassion and a fair flow of balanced energy which is attained while being mentored on  breathwork before the actual consultation takes place.  This particular package is extremely creative and provided matters will be discussed in great details. 

Reiki Treatment

In this one hour consultation, every effort will be made to administer to the subject's heart center, first and foremost.  This will be done via a brief guided meditation to bring the energy centers into balance, so that every message can be relayed with love at the highest degree for everyone involved.  This package helps get to the very heart of what matters most to you at the time of your immaculate heart consult. 

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