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Updated: Mar 5, 2022

By: The Intuitive Abolitionist


Letting Go with Selenite


Is there anything, Selenite, you would like to reveal about yourself, we do not yet know?


By fire and high mineral-rich waters, I have come to be as I am. My purpose, originally, has to do with fertility. In other words, I have the chemical characteristics to induce fertility directly; yet, indirectly, I can be likened to a "love potion" - helping to steadfastly forge a genuine interest and heartfelt desire to create a family of one's own. In effect, I tend to reflect the purity in familiarity.

Selenite from R.U.G.
(Note from the author: This particular slab of selenite being interviewed grew in the Mexico location. That does not account for ALL generations of selenite)

Where I, specifically, am from is a place where I have grown abundantly, among several more of my own. Collected from the "Cave of Swords" in a cavern in Chihuahua, Mexico.

My structure takes form in the way that it can when I am forged at temperatures of 136 degrees Fahrenheit of pressure by 100% relative humidity. The biosphere of such extreme conditions forces me to extend myself and grow out of my way to be utilized as a natural healing element.

Light Refracting Prism

In the case of my natural healing properties, I would be taken through a process of being ground down into a fine powder called Gypsum. I would then be creatively compressed by a similar silvering process in which mirrors were made from ground sand or metals. While in a gypsum powder form, I, too, would be transformed into a mirror, but with a translucent quality. A translucent quality that allowed for a generous amount of natural light from the sun or moon to shine through. If one were to be at the receiving end of the light shining through, they, henceforth, can be healed energetically through what I would like to consider as a type of "Light Refraction Prism Therapy" which assists in blending the essence of that which embodies the masculine and feminine, to balance out the light of his or her lifeforce, through the process of purification. In fact, the presence of my energy deepens the connection between those who are connected at the heart level; helping them to better understand what they mean to one another. I can also remove tension from the bedroom when placed within, facilitating healthier intimacy practices between lovers, as well as adding a more tranquil setting for sleep.

All in all, I am more traditionally noted for being one of the highest vibrational minerals of the earth's plane, also for my ability to bring peace unto any environment when used properly, as well as assisting in heightening one's psychic abilities; otherwise, something else that is not general knowledge about my relevance is that in the days of mystery schools when masters and initiates were in pursuit of the esoterica where self-awareness was concerned, sculptures and figurines handcrafted out of selenite under the moon's reflective light, ensured safe journeys for those who practiced astral projection. These figurines would serve as amulets worn or carried on one's person when meeting in the spirit realm or into the Akashic fields to the Hall of Records.

It was a secretive way for mystery school masters and elites to meet in private, interdimensionally, without being infiltrated nor interrupted from their order of business by any potential fifth columnists.

The IA:

My Goodness, Selenite! Your depth of insightful information concerning your contributions as a tableau vivant is simply astounding! Especially, the mysteries of some of your predated factors. Thank you so much for your shine at this time. How would you like to close?


On the whole, there are a plethora of matters I can go on about pertaining to the many benefits and sciences to my substance. It is an inherent trait of the high-vibing. However, for now, I exude pure gratitude for your intuitive reach and allowing me to share my peace in giving you all more meaning to my purpose. In the Light of Almighty Creativity and the Groundedness of Earth - Here is to embracing positivity and being true, as we now conclude this interview. In other words: Thank you.

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Levi Brown
Levi Brown
Mar 07, 2022

A lot of great, detailed information here! Not only did you go into the scientific properties of the Selenite but also its historical use! I was sold on it when I got to the part about it helping improve your sleep!


Reality Originals
Reality Originals
Mar 06, 2022

Log in and feel free to leave your feedback! What are your experiences with the mineral kingdom? Which crystals might you carry around?? Thank you, in advance! Here’s to raising the vibrations, my friends. ❤️🌎⚡️✨

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