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En Tandem Trace

By: The Intuitive Abolitionist



On The Scene With Citrine



How would you like to be introduced? Tell us, what is your truth?


I am clarity in vision of the the mind's eye. I make clear that which inspires an artist's insights.

My purpose is to establish security in the ability to make sound decisions, and to cut out and do away with the type of ignorance that is brought about by indecisiveness. In my presence, it is my essence that makes honest, the lying man. As an elixir - I become somewhat of a truth serum. Being able to make a commitment more easily, wherever you may have been, perhaps, more impulsive and irresponsible at times, is signature of the citrine frequency.

Insight, Intuition, and vision all become pronounced, as your stream of thought is calmed and your mind purged of expired impurities. Consider the practice of keeping citrine crystals near, and engage its capabilities to prevent senescent dis-ease.

In fact, one of Reality's Unique Gifts is to create for me a carriage, of sorts, so that you may by all means, carry me along with ease...

So, by all means, carry me along, with ease.

Citrine boosts serotonin levels, inducing manifold moods of happiness and contentedness; thus, breaking up blockages in one's energy fields; namely, the solar plexus. Here is where self esteem and self confidence are highly affected at: in the physical body and the energetic armor body. With these fields being free from blockages or static energies, you will find financial blockages removed. Money will flow to you effortlessly. Offers of relationships will be of the healthier variety, simply because you will be more secure being the authority of your own intellectual mind, which now has no problems standing firm in the decisions you make about what to commit to and what or who is best suited to your well-being and peace of mind.

Suffice it to say, I brim over with the purpose to bring about highly noticeable levels of mental clarity. I shine indiscriminately upon the minds of the visionaries - within the cells of the hopeful; transmitting triumph to those who get clear about having the strength to take charge of giving birth to becoming the most voltaic versions of themselves!

The collaborative efforts between citrine and human being is nothing short of life altering in the most brilliant ways possible. Take this exchange, for example... We are both on the scene focused with ease; and with this, I Thank you for allowing my crystalline energies to come through so intentionally.

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Reality Originals
Reality Originals
Aug 14, 2021

This is one of the best innovative websites today, that promotes metaphysical finery and inner technology, in a way that is empowering and highly stylish! L❤️Ve it!!

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