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En Tandem Trace

By: The Intuitive Abolitionist



Take One! With Tourmaline



You have traveled to reach me and are now physically present, but why at this time?


I have traveled here to be with you once I was authorized by the most High God, to do so. From what I understand, the season is at hand; therefore, I am just in time.

Whatever do I mean by "season"? It is Cancerian season, which denotes the most opportune time when one's shadow side is mostly exposed, and with this, it becomes the most opportune time to do what is called "Shadow work".

Being that it is in my property value as a semi precious gem to have the ability to absorb negative energies, as well as align the body's energy centers (chakras), my biological clock alerts me to understand that during the Summer season, also known as Cancerian season, the sun shines brightly on everything, so wherever there be shadow, there shall it be exposed more keenly, for the work to be done. And so I have come in time to keep you grounded, personally, through your ascension process which largely includes the progression of closing out, by successfully completing your own shadow work, and an improved understanding thereof.

The IA:

In that case, thank you! I appreciate you being here to assist me with that. Shadow work is a challenging process for many, especially, the act of letting go of negative and undesirable learned behavior patterns, plus, even acknowledging the necessity of doing so, in relation to one's spiritual evolution (God-Body Integration).


In your case, because you have already succeeded in accomplishing the most when it comes to having done your portion of working on your shadow-self, you may tend to attract the shadow's of others. Therefore, if I may point out, that when you were experiencing frustrations at the beginning of June Eastern Standard Time, towards some of your associates; you thought they were being assholes towards you for no reason. The truth is, this is a season where one's shadow-self becomes magnified for EVERYONE. You were attracting their darker behaviors and not reciprocating in the same manner, simply because you have done your work, whereas, they most likely have not. As stated previously, most have no idea at all that this facet of their being even actually exists.

Carry me with you even throughout Leo season, if you care to. I do some of my best work in the season of the sun. Implore others to do the same if they happen to struggle with attaining a holistic balance within themselves. In conclusion, I have arrived at this opportune time as an accessory for you, for better health, wealth and sanity in your ever changing world. The energies have shifted and will no longer be the same as to what you all have gotten used to. Thank you, dear soul, for the opportunity to share with you, during this interview.

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Levi Brown
Levi Brown
30 ago 2021

Great piece! Enlightening as to what the shadow side is and how to work on it. It's also really good to know that Tourmaline can help you along the way!

Mi piace
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