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En Tandem Trace

By: The Intuitive Abolitionist


A Rose Quartz Crystal's Testimony


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At first, in the beginning, I was bound tight among iron ore inside the Earth body. I could not move. I could not see. I had no idea I was me.

In other words, I had no sense of self, for I only could feel the cold, hard, calculating stronghold of the surrounding steel.

I was easily convinced that I , too, was a member of the precious metal lineage; but I had come to find that I had simply amplified their heritage. It is in my nature to increase the value of the more dominant energies of my immediate surroundings. Precious metals, I have come to discover, have a mind of their own. They tend to masterfully execute ideas and thoughtforms, only when jointly agreed upon. And when this phenomena happens, their geometrical symmetry shifts. Shaping simple structures with the precision of a platonic solid.

I have witnessed that, so as to testify to this: When they, the iron ore in my surroundings that bound me so tightly, realized that I did not know my self, they expressed a mode of empathy that shown when they gathered their forces to lift me up until breaking through the Earth's upper crust; thus, uniting me to the the light of day and concentrated amounts of oxygen in the air you breath today. This lends to my radiant golden rose glow that many come to know me by.

The properties I possess that allow me to absorb negativity and amplify one's more loving energies, is the lifeforce that has become me! However, if it was not for the neighboring shape-shifting ore, I may not have reached my full potential, as the charming pink crystalline being you now know me to be. Soul, thank you for telling my story. This concludes my testimony.

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