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This radiant masterpiece is beautified by significant crystals of citrine. Each crystal is purposely shaped to look, as much as possible, like the bosom and hips of the Divine feminine's physical human form, with her halo around the top part of the torso.   Citrine, copper and hemp make up the main parts of this jeweled artistry, while complimented on the deccolatage, by a generous few Mother of Pearl pearlettes.  Made at a length that allows for the power of its charm to hang right over one's heart chakra so its person will feel empowered, radiant and fully focused to take on the world!  This is a powerful masterpiece:  Infused with Goddess energy.  Be ready!

The Goddess Collection

SKU: RO11012021
  • Gently hand wash hemp necklace with mild soap and water.  Set crystal parts in sea salt under a full moon for recharging when need be.  Feel free to also charge in the Sun's light, as Citrine crystals absolutely Thrive! in briliance.

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