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Wearing the Selenite Splendor Earrings gives it's wearer a most sophisticated look and feel whilst allowing for a  fluid-like extremity of high vibrations in its person's energy body, as selenite crystal is best known for its purification and clearing properties.  Again, this earring set is designed with one of nature's high vibrational crystals; able to infuse one's light body with light, while removing blockages that could potentially be preventing self healing from occurring in the body.  Held together by black hemp, knotted in an intricate macrame style, the dangle effect of this pair will have you feeling brand new on every occasion.

Selenite Splendor Earrings

SKU: 322022SSE
  • Wipe selenite wand with a damp cloth of mild soap and water.  Once dried, use a light coat of mineral oil to restore its transluscence, when necessary. Selenite is a self clearing crystal, energetically speaking.

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