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Dragon Bloodstone is a stone of the Jasper family which is inherently able to promote balance to its wearer.  Known for its properties as a blood detoxifier and immune system booster, it is no wonder that while balancing out past wounds at a heart space level, it simultaneously enhances self love to the point of self-acceptance. This double fingered ring is to be worn on both the ring finger and pinky OR the middle finger and ring finger at the SAME DANG TIME!  And watch how quickly courage and strength become focused.  This alone will excite the wearer's enthusiasm and motivation towards materializing their goals and dreams.  Make your dreams come true and watch your fashion sense shine through when you add this unique piece to your intuitive and wearable art collection.

Dos Dedos Dragon Bloodstone Ring

SKU: 3022022DDDB
  • Wipe with a damp cloth of mild soap and water for the stone.  Yellow mustard on a soft cloth can restore the shine of the copper wiring, when necessary.

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