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One of a kind, original design.  Together, Green aventurine and Amethyst give these gorgeous earrings the type of well-being bling that can only be found here at Reality's Unique Gifts online store FIRST!  Amethyst, naturally is a highly sought after crystal whose healing properties range from grounding to amplifying the most important energy fields of one's body.  Green aventurine, allows for the flow of financial stability to enter unto the energy bodies that are open to receive such abundance.  Complimentary in its colors to the Springtime that is upon us in just another month, this earring set is utterly appropriate to the floral pastel colors of the new blossoms ready to bloom this time of the year of  the Western hemisphere.  Pretty AND powerful! A wonderful wear for a loving heart who is rare.

Destiny Drops

SKU: 3032022DD
  • Use a soft cloth with a dab of yellow mustard to restore copper's luster when needed. Wipe crystals down with a damp cloth with mild soap and water.  To energetically clear crystals, set under a full moon's light.

  • One Earring = 9.9 grams

    Pair = 20.8 grams

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