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This season's proper pick is the onyx and amethyst, copper mix drop earrings.  Extremely elegant. These earrings compliment any short hair style  or updo, with finesse.  Why onyx? Well, tis the season... Shadow work season.  Onyx helps protect against any lower vibrational energies, so why not wear it in style.  Of course, amethyst resonates at the highest frequencies and is the right companion gem to any other in its company.  

Therefore, wear this set with confidence and grace wherever you go!  You look good!  And with the Blackberry Bling earring set, the mere sight of you, is sheer sweetness! 

Blackberry Bling

SKU: 0008-8202-1BB
  • When necessary, polish gently with a soft cloth; soap and water. Dry.

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