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This true blue spirit quartz necklace, is named The Archangel Michael's Amulet because it's hues of electric blue is symbolic of the Archangel's prominant energy.  The intricate details of this beauty entails a mixed media of natural  hemp fibres, silver beading and clasps, hints of Rose & Cherry quartz crystals,  in addition to stones of Lapiz Lazuli.  Its main feature is the Spirit quartz that stops the show.  This is an intimately handcrafted artistic masterpiece meant for healing. It is to be worn when you are feeling expressive. Successful. Boldy standing in your truth while slaying anything not authorized by the Most HIgh God. Wear with absolute courage! And Enjoy owning it.

Archangel Michael's Amulet

SKU: RO-110121-AMA
  • Lightly spray with a solution of mild soap and warm water.  Dry by laying flat in the sun or lay on a dry cloth allowing for absorption of moisture to take place.    Crystals can be recharged by laying necklace in sea salt under a full moon.

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