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En Tandem Trace

By: The Intuitive Abolitionist


Come embark on a literary journey expedited through the mind and into the heart of what matters; A remembrance of who we are as humanity, and that which is the opposition.

Yes! It is confirmed Holy Spirit shines down upon you.

Angel guides actively are in your surroundings, specifically focused on developing current relationships; enforcing them with an almost virginal trust. Blossoming fellowships on Earth are bringing new understandings. Yet, be aware that some Earth plane families bound to one another by birth, easily are offended by friendships forged where loyalty occurs, time and time again, amongst fellows, and amongst kingdoms. All parties provide priceless support to each other, therefore, empowering the sovereign source of our lifeforce; at life altering degrees, at times, even, unknowingly.

Those reunited on the Earth plane can be challenged finding their balance while grounding. Unless there is alignment of the mind, body, and soul, mountains may not move when one commands them to do so. Instead, man will marvel at illusions, money, and sorcery meant to distract him by the enemy who is driven by disorientating fear- masked- hate. A disease of man’s main opposition who would stop at nothing; however, rendered powerless when exposed for what he truly is:

I. No match up against the Almighty’s perfect plan and eternal Love for man

II. No body

III. Unfaithful

IV. A fallen angel having forfeited his inheritance as heir to the throne.

V. Once worthy

VI. Once highly favored by our Almighty Father

VII. Described as the most beautiful sight to behold….

Now, that was when there was no time. Forever here and now is presented only to those chosen, trustworthy, gifted, and divine; for whom our Holy Father would and did sacrifice his very own beloved son. He sent Him to journey through multiple dimensions. It was a masterplan orchestrated, flawlessly, with all things considered, in a deliberate order to execute what has been carefully strategized. Virtuous patience applied by The Highest, attribute supernatural safety nets. In other words- supreme security measures, in case of emergency.

A generous and extremely gracious God we have as King! His love is sufficient. With Yeshua….? Oh! Endless possibilities.

Our Holy Father was the mastermind. His son, committed to the cause, was already prepared for the impending battle- created fearless, trained by angelic guides and an army of undefeated archangels in the art of exorcising legion and his demons. The Holy Spirit acting as the secret weapon, which in divine time, would become the main ingredient.

The salvation of mankind was engineered by the Holy Trinity, for God noticed how easily we were allured by magic, or the unauthorized misuse of man’s inherit powers. Therefore, it was figured if that feeble display of mesmerization influenced man unto his own captivity, then surely, when they witness the WHOLE truth of the purpose of their powers, their coerced wonder will turn to awe… and that awe into humility, once they are set free. Gratitude will overcome them to tears, then cleansing any residual impurities from the flesh. Finally, healing the soul from any trauma left behind as a result of leaning on the lies of unforgiveness.

The human gene pool is a live culture originally created as the answer to remedy anyone else from falling.*~>} So far, we have made it through, despite the attempts on our belief systems, sanity, health, characters, families, freedoms; despite the attempts on our very lives. What's more, many of us have been deemed worth saving, by the Almighty. This alone is reason enough to be forever grateful. Are you?

Literature Inspired By: The Holy Spirit

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