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En Tandem Trace

Updated: May 17, 2021

The Intuitive Abolitionist


Record keepers of our creation's fascinations have been mined from the Earth by hands not of my own; yet, retrieved a while ago and stored away in the deliverers home - A someone, at the time, not very well known.

Were the 10 commandments carved in stone which presented itself already grafted with these aforementioned records? Each one of these Mysterions are solid, all on their own accord;G gathered together, intentionally, set out to have their forthcoming testimonies transcribed.

I see they've known me in my youth, and have collaborated an exceedingly high caliber of cooperative friendship. . . kinship, even. In my childhood. As a result, all kings and captains of every sort of creature of this wilderness has held vigilant watch over me. Guarded and protected with a suit of armor for when this day arrived. The cup has been passed now to the right hands. It is imperative to carry this cup with its contents carefully, while it is being relayed, for renewal is due to overflow. In other words, it is a testament that has been buried alive for a long time, and now the time has come.

The Truth has come to light. Father God is ready. A new beginning is finally at hand. With balance and justice meant to be restored. The blindfolds will be taken off. Those who were blind, can now see by the light of this testimony, if they so choose.

Attention! The inheritance about to be revealed, is indeed, a mystery set in stone:

Essentially, we are gathered now & here, on purpose, being crystal(s) clear, about the many tests immediately activated, once this information is perceived by each and every person of mankind privileged with a soul, a beating heart, who has been restored unto their salvation. Because our one true Loving God still Lives: Innocence shall be enjoyed wholly with the awe and wonder of a satisfied babe, by everyone robbed in the past of the opportunity. To totally trust one another, without a shadow of doubt, that you live in a world whose very essence is committed to only the most trustworthy thoughtforms, elements, and sentient beings.

Some may receive these words but not catch their meaning. He or she who is without sin is advised to cast the first stone, for that very stone will have preserved proof that not all men were evil, after all. The records would have shown that not all men were tainted after the fall ( from Grace ). However, others will know it as being given a second chance, instead of a new beginning. Either way, you will be healed as the truth continues to be revealed.

Tried and true. The many tests are designed to prepare the chosen few who have been groomed in the spirit... of Cooperation.

Each one to teach one, "Seek ye first the Kingdom "....

~ Courtesy of: The Intuitive Abolitionist & The Mineral Kingdom

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