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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

The Intuitive Abolitionist:

Genetic Harvesting and Bloodline Obsession: France

“Our culture has made a radical shift in the last century from a word-based society of readers, to an image-based society of viewers.”

1991, 2007; H. Hendricks and W. Hendricks

Moody Publishers, Chicago, IL

Living by the Book – The Art and Science of Reading the Bible

Ch. 7, p.66

There is a tendency to rely on the most ancient of wisdoms. Yet, the wisdom relied upon by the Intuitive Abolitionist is straight from the source of percipience. It’s filtered then, the truth which lies within one’s own self.

The records of the Akashic Hall say that ancient wisdom has a bottom line: That the children get back home to their Mother. Likewise; “We just want them safe and sound; with liberty and justice for all,” is the sentiments of those in favor of this cause. The moment has presented the opportunity to choose one’s own path, with a sudden step up to the plate of authorship. At once, renewal is at hand for the taking; queuing forward movement...

Legion is on a world tour and is obsessed with

French children. Dark forces are highly entertained and intrigued by the French bloodline’s powers of persuasion. Masters at mimicry and mime, the French are highly favored

by demons; one could say they are all old friends.” “Friends of the family.”

Unintentional investigation on behalf of the Intuitive Abolitionist, led to closure in that this information is not merely a “hunch” at all.

World renown author and certified modern-day energy healer, Ed H. Spina, actually expounds on this very same topic on ethereal malevolent entities that utilize some of the brain’s master glands, such as the pineal, pituitary, and thalamus;

using these places in the brain to cover themselves up when infiltrating the human genome. (Spina, 2017, p. 38:45)

In fact, beings from other worlds may even be some of the buyers of French offspring; hence, why these particular young ones are at the top of the list for rescue.

Correspondingly, the Frenchman’s essence is in high demand for harvest, capture, and torment. Fear feeds the enemy forces that are here, but the pheromones emitted from the DNA of our Frenchmen terrified and uncharacteristically afraid,

is experienced as euphoria to those who have fallen from grace. This is where genetic harvesting rears its ugly head.

The divine masculine is heavily embodied by the French in our human race, and legion delights in nothing more than attempting to humiliate our Heavenly Father, whenever he can. He lives a lie and delights in pettiness; often going to heinous extents to get his fix, instead of repenting and asking for Forgiveness from Our Father, in Heaven.

In effect, the insight in this blog, strongly resonates a testimony of freedom for the children of France. Whether they are being trafficked for internet porn, ritual abuse, or are being held captive for the purpose of genetic harvesting, they are being sold into slavery. They will be bought and sold to the highest bidders online, and in other worlds around us. That is why:

Salvation is a top priority in this case.

Given these points, what can we do to make a positive change? We can become more proactive in cultivating the type of A21 awareness that will guide us towards areas of improvement. It is what the Intuitive Abolitionist gives for. Therefore, if you too, would like to extend your generosity to a cause that can foreseeably be a promising continuation to the upliftment of humanity in more ways than one, feel free to click on the National Human Trafficking Resource Line poster below. Its purpose of being placed here serves as a double entendre. Its linked to where you can contribute to the cause.

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