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A21 Avenue

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

A21 Avenue

The Intuitive Abolitionist

As this temporal transmission is being intuited, a light is being shed on the participation of local governments in association with Human Trafficking laws. A 007 situation is taking place within the organization. It is possible there is espionage in the goings-on of advocacy campaigns everywhere. Be discerning! The lot of them offer vividly colored presentations which make a ripple effect. There is surveillance on the organizations to make sure that they are heading in the way they are supposed to; to serve in the purpose they are designated to.

A21 just may be the central hub of communication for abolitionists who are an integral element in initiating healing and transformation to survivors of modern-day slavery.

This is a service and a special type of vehicle which heals hearts a-plenty.

“Let light be shone upon everything you do considering A21.”

The A21 vehicle, is a healing element standing firm in its purpose to save and rescue – Healing so many hearts. A21 is a diamond in the rough. A permanent fixture; already matured.

It is flabbergasting to realize when the assistance of the Divine resources and guides that are bestowed you, allows you evidence to things that could potentially eradicate trauma from the human psyche- the most valuable player on the team.

This Just In:

[There is a boy scout organization with the logo of a cougar, or a mountain lion feline, affiliated with its brand]


Evidence will expose an update on the reason human trafficking, especially, of the children, is so highly in demand: In fact, further investigate cases of genetic modification operations. Genetic manipulation and mutation are running rampant and, has been for some time now, concerning the motives behind human trafficking of the youngest of different races.

Storage spaces can be found in mountain ranges all around the world, sighted in my psyche. Presented as it is "scene" from satellite view: cities lavish with lights; built atop labs equipped with extermination stations buried beneath the earth. Illustrated above is an approximate similarity of what to expect, topographically speaking. Mainly search the United States’ midwestern regions. The natives there, are unabashedly open about it.

More about the root races in the grand scheme of genetic manipulation will be intuited in future blogs, so keep a look out.

In closing this particular segment, if you feel so inclined to contribute to the updates of The Intuitive Abolitionist, and are interested in doing your part in advocating against modern day slavery, the link provided below is a great way to begin:

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